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About me

My name is Anthony and I'm an IT addict. I run a small, one person business, teaching
individuals and small companies how to use technology in ways that improve their lives
and bottom line.

Hondu Net. For Real!
I've been building lots of computer networks
lately. I learn about my clients' network-
related needs, and then I come up with a
solution that ticks all their checkboxes and
has a competitive price.

I make sure to design networks in ways that
maximize availability and performance.

Contact me with a list of your desired
network specifications. I promise to reply
with a firm price quote.
My services
Network design

I design networks, and then I
bring them to life. Think
installation, implementation,
maintenance and full


I maximize network
performance by monitoring
performance, troubleshooting
network problems, scheduling
and implementing network

Network Security

I secure networks by
establishing, and then
enforcing security policies. I
install applications and
hardware that monitor and
prevent unauthorized access.