Amazon News

Who would have known that Amazon will become a huge e-commerce force back in 1995,
when the site, which was only selling books at the moment, was launched? Well, it seems
like founder and visionary Jeff Bezos knew that!

He wanted to turn Amazon into a store that sells everything online from the very
beginning, and I'd say that he's managed to do it! Here's what's happened with the online
store giant lately.

1. First of all, they started to sell and ship tiny homes. They are built from shipping
containers, and you can move in right away! The house may be small - that's why it's
called "tiny", after all - but it includes a bedroom, a small kitchen, a generous living area
and a bathroom.
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The tiny home sells for about $40,000 - including shipping costs. It's not very cheap, but
since it comes fully furnished and also includes a heating/air conditioning system, I can't
argue too much about the price.

So, who is this house for? I'd say that it's the perfect option for people who want to live an
energy-efficient life, or for people who want to own a vacation house or a hunting cabin
that's located in a remote area.

Please be sure to verify your state's building codes before purchasing a tiny home,
though. You may not be allowed to live in a home like this in your state, if the law
specifies that your new home needs to have earthquake protection, for example.

2. As a parent, I think that giving your teen the option of purchasing stuff from Amazon
isn't such a great idea. What's more dangerous than a teen with a credit card?

On the other hand, it's a great idea to help your teens learn to be responsible when it
comes to money. So, how do we fix this dilemma? The people at Amazon think that
they've got a solution for us, troubled parents.

Teens in the US who are aged between 13 and 17 will have a greater freedom when it
comes to purchasing stuff from Amazon. They will be able to buy things using an app that
can be installed on their smartphones, and the parents will be informed via email about
their purchases.

Parents will be able to agree with, or cancel their teenagers' purchases. And when your
teen wants to get something from Amazon, she can also inform you by sending a short
message. This way, parents will have enough information to determine whether the
purchase is OK or not.

According to the Amazon VP, this new feature will allow teens to take decisions, while
giving their parents the power to agree with their purchases or not.

Why is Amazon doing this? I'd say that it wants to sell more products, of course! They
want the new generations to buy more things online, using their services. Many new
pickup locations have been created all over the country, with the goal of helping
teenagers get the purchased products as quickly as possible.

3.  The first waterproof Kindle has been produced. There have been ten years since
Amazon started to sell these innovative reading devices, and now the company has finally
launched a new version that's waterproof.

The new model has kept the name of last year's model (Kindle Oasis), but now it has a
larger, seven-inch screen. Its resolution is an impressive 300 ppi, which should be more
than enough for most people's reading needs. Also, the new display is significantly
The device incorporates several light sensors, which help it adapt to ambient light. The
new Kindle has been tested in deep water, where it was kept for about one hour. It was
also tested in various hot tubs, bubble baths and pools, and it has successfully passed all
the tests.

The device has a USB port, though. It's a necessity, but it's also a weak spot, because the
water will probably corrode the metal on the long run. Still, the new Kindle Oasis may
prove to be your perfect pool partner. Just don't throw it in the water too often, OK?