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Wi-Fi is the acronym for Wireless Fidelity, a term
that was derived from a very popular audio term:
Hi-Fi (High Fidelity). It is based on a family of
communication standards, and it describes the
system that's used to provide network access in
homes and offices, without using LAN cables.

According to, typical
Wi-Fi networks have a range of under 100 feet;
however, consumers can purchase Wi-Fi amplifiers
and antennas that can boost range to over 1000
feet. It is also possible to build a high gain Wi-Fi
antenna, of course.

Wi-Fi networks use radio signals that are
transmitted by Wi-Fi antennas, which are a key
component of every router and access point. At the
other end, the signal is received by Wi-Fi cards,
which can be standalone modules or can be
incorporated into laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Feeling a bit confused? That's exactly how I felt when I discovered the Internet. I've got some
good news for you, though! This website will help you digest the Net into smaller, easier to
swallow pieces. Read my blog and you'll be way ahead of your neighbors when it comes to
Internet technologies. It's a promise!
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My services
Network design

I design networks, and then I
bring them to life. Think
installation, implementation,
maintenance and full


I maximize network
performance by monitoring
performance, troubleshooting
network problems, scheduling
and implementing network

Network Security

I secure networks by
establishing, and then
enforcing security policies. I
install applications and
hardware that monitor and
prevent unauthorized access.